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US Beacon
Your Plan.
Our Priority.

We are pioneers in medical bill review and compliance analysis. We meticulously scrutinize hospital claims for ineligible charges and billing errors across all health plans including government, corporate, and workers’ compensation.


The Beacon of Fair Healthcare Billing

Healthcare spending is often inflated by unnoticed ineligible charges

That’s where US Beacon comes into the picture. Our mission is to safeguard your healthcare investments. Through rigorous medical claim reviews, we identify and rectify errors and overcharges. Through these savings your organization can offer enhanced health benefits at significantly lower costs.

Our “No-billing errors? No-fee!” approach means that our partnership is entirely risk-free for you. USB’s commitment to your fiduciary responsibility is absolute.

Turn Hidden Costs into Unexpected Savings

Choosing US Beacon means choosing unparalleled diligence and savings in managing medical expenses.

us beacon
Exceptional Savings

Our review process finds errors on 99% of claims, reducing total healthcare expenditures by 6%-10% on average. On in-network bills, we achieve an average savings of 35%-45%. For out-of-network bills, our average savings are over 70%.

Risk-Free Partnership

Our fees are contingent upon the savings we generate for you, making our collaboration a risk-free investment in your organization's financial health.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Our expertise spans across standard claims and extends into the intricate realm of HCPCS Level II J-codes. We leave no stone is left unturned in our quest to optimize your healthcare spending.

Here’s why we are The Preferred Choice for Business Owners and Self Funded Plans Nationwide.

Discover a Proven Way to Lower and Manage Quality   Healthcare Cost

At US Beacon, we want to work with you to secure a future of sustainable healthcare. Our innovative approach combines state-of-the-art technology with seasoned expertise to deliver unparalleled results. By choosing us, you’re not just saving money — you’re investing in a future where healthcare costs are transparent, manageable, and fair.


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