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US Beacon Comprehensive
Medical Bill Review & Compliance Analysis

At US Beacon, we’re working hard to redefine the landscape of healthcare expense management through our comprehensive suite of services.

With USB, you’ll pay only what you rightfully owe. Plus, with our success-based fee structure, our partnership is risk-free for you, because your financial well-being comes first.

Free Proof of Concept: We’ll process 6-10 claims to prove our worth, with no obligations or 6 - 12 months data points of claims.

Medical Record Analysis

Explore Our Core Expenditure Management Services

Designed for any medical self-funded health and workers' compensation plan, our offerings are tailored to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, including:

  • Corporations

  • Government agencies

  • Unions

  • Insurance companies

  • Municipal leagues

  • Universities

  • Hospitals

  • Attorneys

Medical form with stethoscope

Forensic Analysis

Our forensic analysis stands at the center of our service offerings. By conducting detailed reviews of each claim, utilizing all available documents, we ensure comprehensive scrutiny before payment. This meticulous process guarantees that each charge is justified.  USB's team of Dr's and nurses make sure every line of the itemized statement is carefully reviewed.

Robotic Lab Assistant

Comprehensive Reviews

Beyond standard claims, US Beacon's program includes reviews of HCPCS Level II J-codes, often related to treatments like chemotherapy. This breadth and depth of review ensures that even the most specialized claims are thoroughly examined, so that your healthcare spending is both justified and optimized.

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Ready to transform your healthcare expense management? Contact US Beacon to learn more about our services or to initiate a proof of concept. Let us help you navigate the complexities of medical billing.

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